“Dear Ken, I really loved doing your meditation course! The meditation has brought me inner peace and I´m seeing life with more clarity now. You transmit a lot of confidence, love and especially peace. The meditation course is contributing to my personal growth and I´m very happy with this. You are an enlightened person that I had the privilege to meet. Thank you!,,

Kind regards,

Gabriela Nascimento



Dear Ken, practicing yoga with you was simply an unforgettable experience! I got such a vitality and a more serene and centered way to conduct myself in life. Its incredible how a physical practice translates into subjective experiences so rich and profound. Your sensitivity, commitment and enthusiasm are so contagious. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have LIVED yoga under your supervision,,

Litza, Salvador Brazil



“It was only when I took Kens Yoga and Pranayama workshop that I realized what I had been missing! I was instantly brought back to that special feeling of relaxation and great inspiration. We were right by the shore where you could feel the sea breeze and watch the sunset while immersed in Yoga. Even after the session he was passionately telling what Yoga is and how we can connect to everything through it”.

Kaori Yamashiro, Okinawa Japan


“I loved your classes and I learned a lot. Today I practice on my own thanks to your teachings. I miss the yoga classes with you and one thing is sure, anytime you come back here to teach, I´ll join! You are the best teacher I have ever had, and I have had a lot of yoga teachers!”

Marina Neves, Brazil



“I want to say that your class is gem, very precious experience for one who loves the subtle”. 

Jahlyn Karuna, yoga teacher and healing artist



“Ken is the best teacher in this field that I have encountered. Beyond knowing this science very well and conducting dynamic sessions, he has so much intuition and sensitivity. In one class I was doing a posture and he approached me and asked ,,Fátima where are you?” He had simply perceived that in the manner in which I was practicing I wasn´t focused or present, my mind was elsewhere. So with this question he brought me back to the present moment”.

Fátima Santiago



“To be immersed in Kens classes and intensives was invaluable. I greatly appreciate to have learned so much with him and will never forget that my asana inversions got perfected through his technical skills. His retreats were amazing – a total yoga experience – abundance on all levels. And beyond his incredible teaching, we also had the honor to be served delicious vegetarian cuisine like Thai, Indian etc. Im immensely grateful for everything. NAMASTÈ!”

Camila N.S. Nascimento, Yoga teacher