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In the same manner as the body needs deep rest and recovery, so does the mind. Modern science has proved that during meditation (depending on the technique), the mind reaches a level of rest and recovery deeper than during normal sleep. This can be felt in the level of clarity and alertness after meditation. It is the dynamic range between very deep rest during meditation and full activity in daily life, that is important to maintain a healthy mind.

Learn how to meditate

This unique meditation course covers all important aspects of meditation, including theory, background, how to meditate efficiently, obstacles to meditation and much more. After the course you will be ready to practice your own meditation program daily.

Ken teaches a simple and practical meditation technique based on the use of our awareness and consciousness. This weekend course is truly a Time Out from the pressures of your day to day life and will give you the necessary means to practice meditation effectively.

You will get:

– your own meditation program and simple Yoga postures

– powerful breathing techniques

– relaxation techniques

– tools for self-development

– to meet the truly happy version of yourself!


“We know how to take care of the body but very few people have learned how to maintain a healthy mind, even though it is very important. Everybody can learn how to meditate, and in the busy modern world we need it more than we think. Meditation gives you clarity, inner calm and peace, increased mental and physical capacity – and makes you happier.”

– Ken Kiriyama