Freedive Profile

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Ken Kiriyama

Apnea Academy Freediving Instructor under Umberto Pelizzari

AIDA International Freediving Instructor

On the National Freediving Team of Denmark

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Lung capacity: 5 L

Lung capacity, packed: 7L

VO2MAX: High (seasonal)

Lowest resting heart rate measured: 34 bpm  (seasonal)

Personal records

STA: 7min 40sec  August 2012 – Okinawa, Japan

Dry STA:  9min 21sec  April 2012 – Cebu, Philippines

DYN:  206m  March 2015 – Copenhagen, Denmark

DNF:  150m  August 2011 – Copenhagen, Denmark

CNF:  67m  June 2011 – Cebu, Philippines

CWT: 70m  August 2014 – Cebu Philippines


Training locations

The Philippines





The Maldives


Former physical activities

Martial Arts


Body weight training

Classical Ballet and Modern Dance

Amateur road bicycle  racer

Self-taught open water swimmer