What is yoga?

Yoga is freedom and joy. It´s the means to discover ever deeper parts of ourselves. The part of ourselves which we normally do not perceive. Therefore, yoga is also the technology of refining our perception, moving from gross to subtle. From form to formless. Yoga covers such a vast collection of techniques and methods in a multitude of traditions that, at times it can seem confusing. Basically the techniques are tools helping us to be more fully present moment to moment and letting us observe that which is here and now, whatever it might be.

Yoga has a solid foundation in both philosophy and practice and is expressed through ones lifestyle and choice of methods for training the body and mind. This makes it a complete system of Self discovery and Self realization. The extend of the totality of yoga is immense and therefore, usually a path needs to be chosen. The paradox is that some of the yoga traditions and schools of thought seem very different on the surface but when we look deeper into them and understand their teachings we see that all the different paths lead to the same goal.

The good news is that Yoga as such is quite flexible and adaptable to each individual. This is very fortunate and the very reason why yoga has reached millions of people worldwide from many different cultures and religions. Yoga is not a religion, hence you do not need to be believe in God. We can see though, that Yoga has its roots in spiritual practice. Put simply, this just means “searching beyond” or “searching for that which is beyond”. It´s up to the individual to define what that means to him or her. Having said that, most ancient text points in the same direction but through slightly different explanations.

So, embark on the fascinating journey of Yoga and meditation, immerse yourself, and you might find what you are searching for.